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ESD assessments:
A TARGET-PERFORMANCE comparison in terms of ESD protection can be the starting point for optimizing the whole ESD protection workflow. ESD assessments ascertain what needs to be done to ensure you can guarantee your ESD protection is norm-compliant. Safestatics Ltd. carries out a walk-through with the relevant people responsible and produces a report with measures to optimize ESD protection.

ESD training and ESD workshops:
Continuous professional development of your employees in ESD protection allows you to protect electronic components and modules from damaging electrostatic discharge. You can increase product quality by making your employees more sensitive to the subject. We offer various level courses at training sessions near you or at regional workshops.

ESD concepts:
Standards also play a huge part when it comes to electrostatics. The introduction and implementation of a standard-compliant ESD monitoring program plan is a simple way to prove customers and partners that you have ESD protection under control. Alain Kessler has worked on the TK101 standards committee for electrostatics for many years, and you can benefit from this expertise incorporated into your concept.

ESD audits:
A regular technical assessment of your current ESD setup is part of any norm-compliant ESD concept. We can look after the measurements and tests using specialist equipment for you in order to comply with the standards. You do not need to worry about measurement techniques, know-how on measurements or measurement equipment and calibration. We can do it all for you based on the specifications agreed.